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Peninsula's Founding Partners met in 2001 while conducting their MBA studies at the MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, MA. Since then they decided to create Peninsula Investments Group. Peninsula's strategy is to create value by investing primarily in Real Estate development projects targeting specific market segments with distinctive value propositions across selected markets of the Americas.


We are a world-class asset management firm that seeks to deliver exceptional long-term value to our investors, while positively impacting our clients, partners, teams and local communities.


To be a leading real estate management firm in the Americas, delivering superior risk adjusted returns to our investors, by identifying attractive investment opportunities, adjusting asset allocation, tropicalizing deal structures and hands-on & local execution with top performing teams.


  • Investor first

  • Trust & Integrity

  • Excellence & Continuous Improvement

  • Innovation, Dynamism & Flexibility

  • Teamwork & Commitment

  • Professional & Personal Growth

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